About the teacher

As you can see, I'm a normal family guy - Zen allows married priests. 

My name is Michael. Also pictured are my wife, Věra and our son, Jack.

We live in Babice u Říčan, a village 25 km south-east of Prague.  
I teach at Univerzita Karlova (Charles University) in Prague
 For more personal details, please visit http://michaelpockley.blogspot.cz/.

Regarding Zen, I'm a 96th generation dharma heir of the Buddha. 
However, having been taught to meditate 30 years ago by a Christian, I feel no religion has a monopoly on truth and I'm happy to share what I have learnt with anyone, regardless of what they do or don't believe. Indeed, Christians, Hindus and Muslims have sat with our group. 
We're all climbing up the same mountain, just using different paths.
We'll meet at the top.

My guides have included the monks at Throssel Hole Soto Zen monastery...

...and my main teacher,  Koro Kaisan Miles:

My work as a school-teacher has enabled me to teach meditation to thousands of children and teenagers. 

The first adult group I ran was Kidlington Zendo, near Oxford...

...subsequently I did rural outreach for Zen Kenya...

...and here I am in April 2015, visiting Haddenham, near Oxford....

 ...to give a brief talk and perform an ordination ceremony

I have also written a couple of books on this theme. 
How to Meditate on the Train is a handy pocket guide to de-stressing on the way home from work. 
(It's also available in French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Greek, Persian, Swedish & Italian.)
How to Become a Zen Priest (without shaving your head) gives you an idea of what you have to go through to do my job.

I would be delighted to help you with your meditation, 
whether you simply seek stress relief, 
or would like to participate in a meditation community,
or discern a vocation to train as a Zen priest.
We all have different needs.

You can contact me via pockley@gmail.com.